18 June 2021

eBay Scams Steps to Take if You Have Been


eBay is a fairly safe market. Unfortunately,
like the majority of online marketplaces, it is susceptible to
frauds eBay attempts to keep instances of rip-offs.
happening, however with more than 100 million members,
and roughly $40 million moving through the
site on a day-to-day basis, this can be a little challenging.
In some cases, scams take place.

If you have been scammed, there are particular steps
you need to follow to report the occurrence, and to try
to come to a resolution. If you paid for the product
through Paypal, the primary step is to login to your
Paypal account and open up a conflict for the
payment. If you did not pay through Paypal, contact
your charge card business. For the most part, if you have
utilized among these 2 cases, you will recover your

The next action is to use eBay’s disagreement process to
report the seller. This is particularly for products that
were not received, or items that were substantially
various than what was explained in the auction.
eBay likewise has a purchase security program to
further protect buyers. If a settlement can not be
reached with the purchaser, the next step is to make
an eBay purchaser purchase security claim.

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