25 July 2021

Your Keyword Targeting Strategy

Targeting keyword phrases is a crucial part of SEO marketing.

It is important to find the best keyword phrases to target for each page of your website and your website description. Phrases are different to words and a top keyword phrase is different to a top word. When choosing a keyword phrase ensure that the phrase is relevant and total usage of the phrase. Total usage means using the phrase as much as possible.

What are the basics of keyword targeting?

marketing seo A total usage of a keyword phrase means using the keyword phrase every single time you write it. It is advised to contain approximately 2% to 6% of the keyword phrase being used throughout the writing of the particular webpage. It is important to do this within the total usage percentage of the keyword phrase. Too high a keyword density would be considered manipulating the search engines as it is deemed as spam.

The best way to contain the keywords and keyword phrase to optimise the page for the search engine would be to write the content naturally. Then, use short sentences with a phrase that would allow the visitors to understand the content.

What should your content contain?

Your writing should contain quality material that would encourage visitors return to your website. Your content should be original and unique. Do not copy and paste from other sources. If you feel you are not skilled in writing, then hire a professional writer to write your content for you. The pages on your website should informative and contain information that would be useful to your visitors. Your writing should make readers want to return to your website in the future.

How often should you update your website design?

You should keep your website design updated regularly to keep the content fresh and the visitors return. If the content is good and you have returned the readers, they would want to come back to your website for more. Start blogging and start commenting the relevant blogs. Also, if you have any question, suggestions or query related to the content, your comments should be helpful and author friendly. Use captcha to identify spammers.

What about link building for SEO?

Start creating links in other websites that would lead them back to your website. Inbound links is the most important factor that search engine uses to rank the pages. Link your website to the website with the similar topic. Use the anchor text as the keyword. The people who are interested in the topic will click on the anchor text and will end up visiting your website. This is sometimes known as link building for SEO.

Why is a sitemap important?

Have a sitemap containing the all the important pages of your website.Build a link to the sitemap from the home page of your website and if possible from all the pages of your website. Build the links gradually. It is a good idea to place a text link on the sitemap that has the related content. Visitors will find the sitemap very useful if they are visiting your website for the first time. It will help them to explore the entire content of the website. It is also important that go for quality rather than quantity. Consider the words and phrases that readers would relate to your content. Link Your website only to those websites that meets quality standards.

To sum up: How can I get more relevant traffic?

Have a good content and conduct a proper optimisation to drive maximum traffic to your website. Submit your website to various directories. Social bookmark keeping is a good way to get your website indexed. In this way, you can get your website more relevant traffic.

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